from Adrienne Waterston

When Karen asked me about this, this is what I was thinking …
I would just be making it to make it … losing myself in this imaginary smaller version of our world. 

I guess it kind of speaks to me of having had our world shrink during this Covid-19 time? And having imaginary friends (or museum goers / virtual ones). The Glass Menagerie comes to mind … 

And since we will be introducing it online, it will look big? But it will be small. 

So for me, I will just playing with that idea of relative size etc. Alice in Wonderland perhaps. Imagining myself small is something I have pretty much always done. Not so much big, the big is more the reality than the fantasy. 

So that will be where I am coming from. Which I don’t think will affect the work I am making? But obviously drawing or painting with a this size world brush/pencil etc. in a super small world, will not create work that would be of that world per se. Could be an opportunity to work Big while working Small … if that makes sense.
Have you seen the movie Gerhard Richter Painting? His studio assistants make models of his show spaces (museums, galleries, etc.) and then they shrink his work down proportionally and hang it in the space. Pretty amazing. That is what I am imagining …  (

Maybe for each of us it will be different! I wasn’t thinking gerbil or gecko, but why not? Since we are creating our own rooms in the museum, seems to me the sky is not even the limit! 🙂

— Adrienne

These are some WIPs!