from Martha Grout Taylor

These photos show what I have done so far.  Still working on some more pieces. This project has been so good for me in this time of pandemic. My mother died about a month ago, not from Covid-19 but from old age—96.  I have found myself unable to concentrate on anything difficult or complex.  This project I can do a piece at a time.

The theme for my exhibit is “Women’s Work.” I want to honor the handwork of women through the ages and also to express some of the symbolism of the Feminine. The room itself will be more classical in style, expressing the contrast between masculine, straight-line history and the organic, cyclical nature of the Feminine.  The black and white of the room and the two tones of the goddess figure represent the idea that the feminine, “Mother Earth,” both nourishes and destroys.

Left to right: 9-Patch, Bottle Vase (made by Anne K. Grout), Broken Dishes, Gaia, Aphrodite’s Mirror, Clew.