Welcome to the Centre County Mini Museum Project

A Proposal for a Mini Museum/Gallery

In lieu of actual museums and galleries to go to, a few Centre County artists (inspired by Karen A. Deutsch) have gotten together to create a Mini Museum!

We would like to invite all artists to each create their own small gallery, four walls, to fill with work of your creation and choice.

Each space will be the same size and layout; the construction could be by individual, or someone might be interested in making the walls for a group of people.

Right now it is centered around Centre County, PA, but we encourage anyone, anywhere to get involved with satellite projects. Everyone is invited!

We would like to document everyone’s progress online on a group Facebook page and Instagram account with pictures, descriptions of methods, etc. You can also send us your pics and we will post on this website (see our Artists Works In Progress – WIPs – page)!

Please post photographs of your own work in progress, make videos, write about it and then @ and # us on FB and Insta at @centrecountyminimuseum or #centrecountyminimuseum so we can add to our central places. AND email to us at centrecountyminimuseum@gmail.com.

The Specs

We are proposing a scale of 1″ = 1′.

You can make whatever you want to hang on the walls, and on the floor. You can make a couple of benches and sculptures for your own space or share a space and divide the work.

At “the End”

When we are not “all sheltering in place” or “on lockdown,” we will bring all the rooms together as one museum.

Let us know if you would like to participate and if you know of anyone else who would to centrecountyminimuseum@gmail.com

Notes of Thanks

I (Karen) would like to thank Joyce Robinson, Assistant Director of the Palmer Museum of Art, William Bergmann, Chief Preparator at the Palmer Museum, Anouk Chevrin, Architect, Paris, for their advice. Special thanks to Adrienne Waterston, my talented partner in crime.